The JNT Baggers


Norman "Rookie" Blunts

Rookie; the youngest, skinniest, and palest of the JNT Baggers, was born and raised in Hemet,CA. A stoner at an early age, Rookie has always loved gaming and movies(when he can afford them). Rookie is also the only family man of Just In Time(aka the weakest). It's said that he can give and receive a good blasting, though that still doesn't help him gain weight (or color).


Tyger "RedKorn" Durgen

Redkorn; the shortest of the JNT Baggers, hailed from the dusty burroughs of Mexico as a youngster and was quickly drawn into the culture of his new home(especially the women). His love for women and weed are surpassed only by his love for beer(and video games) and his disdain for his own height limitations.



Milly "DJ" Van Nelson

DJ; the fattest of the JNT Baggers, was born in Riverside, CA and forced to move to Hemet as a youngster(becoming a stoner soon after). His love for comedy, weed, and talking with friends helped mold him into the naturally awkward introvert he is today.  The only bi-racial member of Just In Time, DJ brings some sexy chocolate madness, mixes it with milk and sprays it in the faces of random passersby.